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Concrete Crushing

Concrete CrushingUltra Project Services has a sister company named Ultra Plant Hire.

Within Ultra Plant Hire we offer a concrete crushing service. Ultra Plant Hire has two types of crushing machine:

  • The first is an excavator-mounted crushing bucket. This attaches to the excavator and uses the hydraulic power of the excavator to power the crushing machine. The beauty of the crushing unit is that it can be taken to any site. The concrete can be crushed from blocks that are up to 400mm square in size and can be taken down to less than 20mm. Also fitted to the crusher bucket is a magnet that when the product has been crushed all of the reinforcement steel can be removed to provide a clean product to utilise for road base or a sub base.
  • The second machine Ultra Plant Hire operates is a track-mounted crushing plant that is a free standing unit, has its own power plant and generator. The process is very similar except the crushing plant has a vibratory table that takes all dirt and rubbish out of the concrete before the product is crushed. After the product passes through the crushing jaws it falls on to a conveyor belt and then passes by a magnetic conveyor that removes all metal reinforcing the material, then falls off the end of the conveyor into a stack ready for use.

Before we crush our concrete we bring the rough blocks of concrete down to a size that is easily handled - to do this we use an excavator fitted with a pulveriser. The pulveriser is capable of taking concrete that is in large blocks and crushing it down in a single action - it has a metal cutting shear in the end of the jaws that also can cut through concrete reinforcement.